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Jun 02
Twiga Foods: Revolutionizing the Food Supply Chain Through Mobile-Based Connectivity and Data Analytics

In today’s fast-paced world, where urbanization is rapidly increasing, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply of fresh, affordable produce is a significant challenge. However, Twiga Foods, a groundbreaking mobile-based platform, has emerged as a game-changer in connecting farmers with food vendors in urban areas. By leveraging data analytics and cutting-edge technologies, Twiga Foods is transforming […]

Feb 20
iCow: Revolutionizing Agricultural Productivity and Profitability for Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya

For small-scale farmers in Kenya, access to timely and accurate information on animal husbandry, crop management, and market prices can make all the difference between success and failure. However, traditional sources of information, such as agricultural extension services, can be limited and difficult to access. That’s where iCow, a mobile app that provides farmers with […]

Feb 20
BRCK: The Portable Device Revolutionizing Internet Connectivity in Remote Areas

In today’s world, access to the internet has become a basic necessity for many people, enabling them to connect with friends and family, access information, and conduct business. However, for those living in remote or underserved areas, internet connectivity is often a luxury that is hard to come by. BRCK, a rugged, portable device, is […]

Feb 16
Lupita Nyong’o: A Trailblazer in Hollywood and Beyond

Lupita Nyong’o is a Kenyan actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood, thanks to her exceptional talent, stunning beauty, and strong work ethic. Born in Mexico City and raised in Kenya, Nyong’o’s rise to fame has been meteoric, and she has become one of the most sought-after actresses in the world. Nyong’o’s […]

Feb 16
Wangari Maathai: The Legacy of an African Environmental Pioneer

Wangari Maathai was a remarkable Kenyan woman whose contributions to environmental conservation and social activism earned her global recognition. She was the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and founded the Green Belt Movement, a grassroots organization that has planted millions of trees in Kenya and beyond. Maathai’s passion for […]

Feb 16
Nairobi Fashion Week : A Bold Celebration of African Fashion and Design

Fashion has always been an integral part of African culture, and Nairobi Fashion Week is the epitome of the continent’s creativity and ingenuity. The event, held annually in Nairobi, Kenya, brings together local and international designers to showcase their latest works and inspire a new wave of fashion trends. Nairobi Fashion Week is not just […]

Feb 16
Black Butterfly : Celebrating Curvy and Plus-Size Models

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its lack of diversity, especially in terms of body size. For years, the industry has promoted a narrow standard of beauty, making it difficult for curvy and plus-size models to find work. However, with the rise of movements like body positivity, the fashion industry is slowly starting […]

Feb 16
Zuri Model and Talent Agency: Shaping the Future of Modeling and Acting in Kenya

For those looking to make it in the modeling and acting industry in Kenya, Zuri Model and Talent Agency is a name that cannot be missed. Founded in 2017, the agency has quickly established itself as a leading force in the Kenyan entertainment industry. With a focus on representing diverse and talented models and actors, […]

Feb 16
Chale Island Beach: A Paradise in Kenya

Nestled in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, off the south coast of Kenya, lies a small paradise island known as Chale Island. Chale Island Beach is a hidden gem that offers a secluded and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With its pristine white sand, crystal-clear waters, and lush […]

Feb 16
Bamburi Beach: A Hidden Gem of Kenya’s Coastline

Kenya’s coastline is renowned for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. However, many of the more popular beaches can be crowded and commercialized, leaving little room for those seeking a more tranquil and authentic experience. Enter Bamburi Beach, a hidden gem that offers visitors the perfect blend of relaxation, natural beauty, and […]