Kilele Foundation is a non-profit making Humanitarian and community development practitioners Organization based in Katangi Yatta Kenya.

Kilele Foundation.
Education – To enhance educational standards in rural areas as well as academic excellence and talent development. We also aim to create awareness about sustainable livelihood initiatives especially other sources of income apart from traditional farming and cattle rearing; for both the youth and the marginalized communities.

Healthcare – To promote healthy eating habits and awareness creation on communicable and non-communicable diseases affecting the community and nation at large.

Food Security – To encourage planting of diverse food crops as well as proper farming methods; food planting, harvesting and proper storage to eliminate food scarcity as well as food poisoning e.g. aflatoxin.

Safe Water – To enhance water accessibility and promote water harvesting, conservation and recycling.

Environment Conservation – To promote sustainable environmental practices by encouraging planting of trees.  This is a program which would run hand-in hand with the water program taking into consideration the seasons of the year.

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