Kilimani Hospital is a private medical institution located in Milimani, Kisumu City.

Kilimani Assessment Centre Limited was incorporated in April 2014 and became registered as a private medical institution to carry out business as a nursing home in August 2014. To reflect the new status it adopted the name Kilimani Hospital. The company directors are its sponsors.


Under the Board of Directors there is a team of strong, qualified, and experienced professionals. The team ensures quality clinical services, efficient business management, adherence to correct financial reporting, and stellar customer care. We go about all aspects of our business in the most professional manner. Our management team knows how to take care of your business.


I. To provide quality evidence based healthcare to all our clients
II. To make Kilimani Hospital a reputable brand in healthcare
III. Increase the welfare of all our employees


Most of our patients are referred to us though institutions and medical professionals so we feel the need to protect and grow our referral system. Recently, patients have also begun coming to us directly.


We adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality especially when handling information of highly sensitive nature. The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us. Only the management team is privy to such information.


At Kilimani Hospital we offer services that are understood by all clients. Before any non emergency procedures are performed on a client we try to counsel and educated the client on his/her rights, the purpose of those procedures and the costs involved. Our billing system is simple and easy to understand.


Kilimani Hospital, Kisumu, Kenya

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