The sun has set and darkness has blanketed the hillside and open savannah. The moon seems reluctant to rise above the horizon and the wind howls around the little Ol Malaika. Its chilly tonite - supposed to be in the middle 50's - "sweater weather".... or possibly a "hot water bottle under the duvet" kinda night.

From the little Ol Malaika I can hear the girls finishing up with kitchen duties before they settle down to do their homework. As I sit at my desk and listen to the hyena's laugh and the low grunting of lions in the distance... I wonder.... I wonder if there is a girl tonite fearful of what tomorrow will bring?

I wonder if there is a little girl lying on her bed made of sticks with a blanket or cow hide pulled up close around her face - I wonder if she is dreaming about being able to go to school someday?

I wonder if there is a young girl washing her cup by the fire, instead of drinking the warm tea, maybe she gave it to her younger siblings to help satisfy their hunger. I wonder if there is a young girl who is laying on her bed, wrapped in blankets, unable to move because of the pain from this morning when she endured female genital mutilation.

It was her choice - but if she had known what it was - she would have never chosen it. I wonder if there is a young girl planning tonite to leave all she has ever known and make her way thru the darkness, daring to spend the night out with the elephants and lions.

Running from one bush to another, hoping to stay unseen and yet make it to a safe place where she will not be married off - a place where she will be loved and be able to get the education she dreams of.

I wonder if there is a child who has gathered fired wood today, made her husband dinner and now is preparing for bed. She knows what might happen soon and bravely tries to hold back the tears. I wonder if there is a girl child who is holding her own baby as she falls asleep tonite.

A simple little child with a child of her own. I wonder if I am doing enough.... You have the ability to change lives with one simple gift.

Why not give today?

**Global Village Ministries is a 51(c)(3) in the US that raises funds and awareness for the Olmalaika Home. (

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