It is a non profit organization founded in 1999 and registered as a company limited by guarantee, with the aim of a transparent and corruption free Kenya for and good governance and social justice initiatives in Kenya.

TI-KENYA is part of the Transparency International group that is a non-partisan coalition of individuals with a shared vision of a corruption free world. TI-Kenya is an autonomous Chapter in the Transparency International movement, a global coalition against corruption, with which we share knowledge and exchange ideas for the greater good of Kenya.

Our Vision
A transparent, just and accountable Kenyan society

Our Mission
To support citizens and governance institutions effect transparency and accountability in public and business affairs through legal and policy frameworks, skills, knowledge and information

TI-Kenya is guided by the following set of values:
• Integrity
• Justice
• Courage
• Equality
• Respect for diversity, inclusion and participation
• Excellence

Join us in the fight against corruption!

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