Volunteers in Community Development Kenya (VICDK) it is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-religious volunteer organization since 2008.VICDK has been running volunteer programs in Kenya for community support and cultural exchanges. Programs are available year-round in the areas of English teaching, orphanage, conservation work, health, and many more as per the interest of volunteers. We give both technical and non-technical support to deprived communities and organizations. Our objective is to stimulate local development initiatives for vulnerable people in desperate situations. We aim to promote individual, community, and environmental and sociological empowerment by educating using an inclusive, multicultural mentality. We address all races, religions and sexes equally, and try to strengthen the human bond through creating friendship and understanding of each other. We believe our unique approach begins a peaceful, respectful and loving attitude, which will benefit the people’s rights, the people’s self-belief and the people’s progression. VICDK It is managed by a board of directors who are experienced in the areas of social work, education, business management, finance and accounting, psychology, environmental health,counseling,community development and law among others.


The overall goal of this organization is to show people that development is brought by the people themselves. Through maximum utilization of the available local resources.

We understand that change and aid agent’s only play a catalytic role towards community development and that progressive development of society stems from active, village and people founded actions.

We strive to educate and promote individuals to increase achievement and their improve situations.


Every year VICDK deploys development personnel, technical, non-technical, volunteers recruited from regions all over the world, into local communities, in a variety of different projects, and programmes which will be specifically designed to develop specialist and non-specialist tasks for enhancing self-confidence, self-reliance, pride and dignity.

Work camps -Community Development Projects

The community development projects and programs are designed, planned and implemented in collaboration with deprived community groups, organisations and task forces throughout the African regions. We situate ourselves at the heart of African culture and provide real life experiences that can not be achieved anywhere else. Our marvellous opportunities will allow you to experience the everyday battles common

place to the majority of suffers trying to survive. You will understand, first hand, the challenges and constraints of developing impoverished societies in Africa. The special interaction and education which occurs through participation on a VICDK project will help you gain a wider perception of international issues’, you will strengthen your position within society, learn life skills unique to survival in Africa and most importantly contribute greatly to relieve the extreme situation of heartache and suffering our people endure. You will develop leadership and management ills and fast thinking, practical methods for solving interesting, challenging and difficult problems. In addition to increasing practical exposure within communities all participants and personnel will have the opportunity to implement and execute their own theoretical knowledge to the tasks organised. The extra ordinary development which occurs reaches a depth of understanding that is equivalent nowhere else. You will experience problems of social depravity beyond your imagination. Your time with us will also increase solidarity and companionship amongst your fellow comrades, you will make friends for life and create a memory of your effort in the minds of those you help, never forgotten and always appreciated.


Volunteer international community development africa (vicda ), Koinange Street, Starehe, Kenya

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