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Edgestone Real Estate KE is one of the most interactive real estate brokerage firms of our generation based in Kenya. As a turnkey real estate brokerage, we facilitate property investors, buyers, sellers and renters to find land, houses and neighborhoods across the region through recommendations, local insights, and map overlays. Edgestone Real Estate was founded in October 9th 2018, with over 5 years practical experience working with property buyers and sellers, either helping them buy or sell properties across the region. Additionally, we work closely with reputable valuers, land surveyors, mortgage lenders, legal practitioners as well as insurance firms to provide clients with top notch services. Edgestone works with property buyers by; 1. Looking for properties that match buyer criteria. 2. Conducting negotiations & prepare offers. 3. Being standby to any issues up to the closing date. 4. Managing inspections or repairs on the property and assisting the buyer through to closing and acquisition. On the other hand, Edgestone Real Estate works with property sellers or property owners by; 1. Determining the market values of properties. 2. Listing and advertising the property for sale. 3. Showing the property to prospective buyers. 4. Advising sellers about offers and related matters. 5. Submitting all offers to the seller for consideration. Write us at or call customer support at +254 743 606 131 for any queries or information.

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